And… the match begins!

The soccer season in Spain kicks off on August 18th. This year it is starting earlier than ever. Even still, for many fans the summer break has been too long. Many of them wish the tournament would never end. What’s for certain is that they are counting down the hours for the match to start!

For yet another season we’ll don our team’s jersey and head to the stadium, hoping to watch them win. Young and old alike crowd the stands, waiting for the referee’s whistle to signal the start of the game and a grand night of soccer. The players will give it their all, running after a ball that rolls across the field and, with a little luck, will sail past the goalkeeper and into the goal.

However, everything’s got to be just right for the competition to begin. What would happen if we removed some of the standard elements you typically see at a game? We did an experiment. Want to see what happens?

Jerseys, shoes, balls, shin guards, the goal net, or even the whistle needed to start the match… these are all made with materials derived from petrochemicals. But not just in soccer. We use an endless number of products whenever we play sports, and these materials are what make them more comfortable, durable, flexible, and safer.

Polyurethane foam is made with polyols. This tough, comfortable, and long-lasting material makes it perfect for sports-related objects such as balls, surfboards, and motorcycle and bicycle helmets.

EVA/EBA foam is an essential ingredient in our sports footwear. It’s what makes them comfortable and absorbs impact, thereby protecting our joints. Polyurethane is also found in all sorts of footwear. Its shock-absorbing properties let us plant our feet hard. This lightweight, flexible, and comfortable material is widely used for making soles.

Sports clothing is also made with smart nonwoven polypropylene fabrics. This material has revolutionized sportswear as it is breathable and allows great freedom of movement.

Products derived from petrochemicals offer innovative solutions that provide durability, comfort, and safety in any sports activity.

Sports fans can relax. Thanks to the versatility of these materials we can continue to enjoy watching our favorite games with the certainty that the players will have a ball to score with, and that the referee will be able to blow the whistle and begin the game.

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