Women with energy

Only 28% of researchers in the world are women: on International Women’s Day, and all the days of the year, we encourage STEM vocations among the youngest women and grant visibility to scientists like Khrista Kellett, Danielle Deemer, and Melissa Penna. These are three Repsol employees in North America that speak with utmost passion about their profession and the sector’s challenges in terms of gender equality.

The theme for this International Women’s Day, established by the United Nations, is “Let us think in terms of equality, let us build with intelligence, and let us innovate for change”. It focuses on innovative ways through which we can advocate for gender equality and the empowerment of women.

Repsol, committed to gender equality and female leadership, has set itself the objective of increasing the number of women in leading positions globally, until reaching 31% of female Directors by 2020. Also, in the last two years 50% of new employees have been women.

Additionally, we recognize rights like digital disconnection and we’re launching teleworking programs for all employees to help towards a work-life balance and mutual responsibility.

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