Life on two wheels

For some people, cycling is just a way to get some exercise. For others, it’s a mode of transport that gets them to work every day or something to do with their family at the weekend. But for a small few, however, cycling is much more than that. It’s a way of life, a passion that they can’t live without.

This is the case of Fran, a young amateur cyclist from Pontevedra that organizes his life around cycling, making the most of the sustainable mobility advantages offered by this city. In 1999, Pontevedra launched an urban plan to pedestrianize the historic center and shopping streets. Twenty years later, 70% of journeys are made by foot or on a bike, and only three out of every ten people travel by car.

In just a few years the city was brimming with cyclist, and so Fran decided that it was the perfect moment to open a business related to his passion — repairing old bicycles at a workshop in the city’s historic center — which he combines with his job delivering packages in the morning. It’s many people’s dream to earn a living doing what they love. And it’s not all work. He still has time to do what he enjoys the most, exploring the hills around the city on his single-speed bicycle.

On World Bicycle Day, Fran is the perfect example of the many possibilities offered by this mode of transport.

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