A life in movement

The circus is synonymous with lights, music, color, movement… and a lot of energy. When the spotlights are turned on and the stage is filled with light, children’s laughter and applause inspire the artists giving rise to a force that makes the daily spectacle possible.

But when the tent is closed to the public, life in the campground continues. In fact, it’s not just any kind of life. The circus is a city in movement, a city that must be able to cover all the needs of its inhabitants. From being able to heat the coffee everyday, to lighting the mobile school, a key part of this traveling city.

Day to day life in the caravans has changed greatly. The image of a circus artist living by the heat of a campfire is a thing of the past. Nowadays, essentially all the comforts that we enjoy in our homes can be brought to the circus.

These houses on wheels have microwaves, washing-machines, or televisions. They have no shortage of hot water or heating. And of course, the digital world has also reached the circus. Furthermore, this city is constantly changing location, as such, they have to ensure all is working wherever the circus goes.

But, have we stopped to think how the need for light, heat, and mobility are handled by a small traveling city?

There are about 50 people that work and live in the circus. This microcosm is also quite diverse. People with different nationalities, ages, and occupations live in 20 caravans.

The first thing when arriving to a new city is the 50kW “hook-up” that covers the general needs of the camp. For example, the school and circus tent lighting, hot water, heating etc…They also count with the support of two generators of 180kW and 140kW that guarantee all energy requirements are covered before, during, and after the spectacle.

After many shows, its time to move on. The circus gets moving again, with 24 trailers and 20 caravans, to a new destination thousands of kilometers away. The place will be different but not their lives. For the inhabitants of this small city only one way of life exists, and it is one of movement.

The energy in the circus is transformed into a spectacle.

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