A new generation
with more energy

Audrey was born in Texas, Mark in Scotland, and Saad in India. Audrey and Mark are geologists, while Saad is an engineer. Although they come from different countries and have different educational backgrounds, they all share the same dream: to be able to provide society with a more sustainable energy supply.

To make their dream a reality, they decided to sign up for the Energy and Earth Resources Graduate Program at the University of Texas. This multidisciplinary program has provided these young people with a global perspective of the world of energy and will help them reach their personal goals.

Saad, for example, wants to focus on finding solutions for energy and water shortages in his country, while working with organizations that raise awareness of the importance of using resources responsibly. Audrey, meanwhile, wants to specialize in efficient and responsible water management, something she has dreamed of since visiting the Big Bend National Park at the tender age of seven. Mark, however, is more interested in the financial side of things, incorporating sustainability criteria into energy resource management.

Audrey, Saad, and Mark, this year winners of Repsol Student Innovation Awards, represent a new generation of young people who are passionate about their profession and about taking care of our planet.

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