Stronger, taller, and more… innovative

Sports involve outdoing yourself. However, outdoing yourself, entails more than just pushing your physical limits.

The development of athletic equipment is a decisive factor in the race for achieving excellence. Technological development has transformed everything: from soccer turf to tennis rackets. And, though triumphs and records depend on individual talent and sacrifice, success is also tied to progress made within the petrochemical industry.

With regards to clothing, the manufacturing of synthetic fabrics has been one of the greatest athletic innovations. This has allowed for lighter, more flexible and breathable clothing to be developed, making humidity and temperature control for athletes possible. Additionally, the use of plastic materials in developing footwear has led to sturdier, more adaptable sneakers – which has, in turn, allowed athletes to maximize their performance.

Athletic equipment is another area where great advances have been made: balls, rackets, surfboards, skis… and all kinds of protective and reinforced gear… Even motorcycles, used by professional riders have, for the most part, been manufactured with plastic materials – making them lighter, safer and more manageable. All aspects surrounding both recreational and competitive sports are constantly evolving in search of improvements that’ll optimize both performance and enjoyment levels.

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