Serving Our Seniors: an energy boost for our elderly

To offer elderly people guidance, resources, and services that promote independent living: this is the aim of Serving Our Seniors (SOS), a project driven by Interfaith of The Woodlands. Born in 2007 and enjoying Repsol’s support since 2016, the initiative accompanies and offers assistance to elderly people with limited resources or who need an extra hand.

This work is particularly important today, following the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey, which destroyed or severely affected as many as 30,000 homes in Houston. As part of this program, 30 Houston-based Repsol employees and their families volunteered to help repair and clean the homes of elderly people that were affected by the storms.

Committed to the elderly

Our employees visited different homes in 6 to 8-person teams. Amie Jackson understood the project’s importance upon seeing the consequences of the hurricane and joined one of these teams. “At the end of the day, we sat with the lady we helped on her porch. She showed me pictures of her family and we ended up talking about my children and her grandchildren.” Serving Our Seniors also seeks to have elderly people make new relationships and feel accompanied.

Amie Jackson and her family

Amie was thankful for the opportunity to take part in the activity next to her family from the very beginning: “I loved the opportunity to get to know the people I work with better. My daughter was able to see her parents doing something they believe in, offering their support to a part of society that has already done their share and are now in need of help.

The part played by the younger participants is also worthy of note. Lyazzat Khamzina tells us that the children helped create a relaxed atmosphere and motivate those involved. She especially recalls the joy expressed by one of the sons of a coworker: “He was running around the garden, full of energy, going from one end of the house to the other with a rake in his hand. His enthusiasm was contagious.” She believes it is a very positive experience for the people who benefit from Serving Our Seniors,“who appreciate the company more than anything else.

Lyazzat Khamzina; second from left, and Victoria Ogedegbe; third from left.

Another volunteer, Victoria Ogedegbe, had already taken part in other social initiatives, but, on this occasion, she decided to assist those affected as a Repsol employee: “I felt the need to help: Houston has been through a lot these past few months and companies like Repsol have stepped up their efforts to help the community.

The stories of these employees are similar to those of many Repsol workers who take part in other initiatives as volunteers. In Spain, Fundación Repsol has over 3,000 volunteers, and more than 99,000 people benefit from their activities every year. Read the stories of other volunteers who, like Amie, Victoria, and Lyazzat, devote their time to building a better future.

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