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Mobility is changing. We can see it every day in cities all over the world. New ways of traveling are appearing that, little by little, are gaining space on our streets. Car-sharing and electric motorcycles, bicycles, or scooters not only make mobility more sustainable, but in many cases help people improve their businesses.

This is the case of Sabino, the owner of a food market in the center of Vitoria, a city that has been committed to sustainable mobility for decades, pedestrianizing the streets of the historic center and adopting measures to encourage the use of bicycles and alternative public transport like trams.

For years, Sabino used a motorcycle to deliver orders in the center of the Basque capital, but it was increasingly difficult to find a parking spot or access many of the streets. In the end, the delays in deliveries and even traffic tickets started to add up. So he decided to change his business strategy and buy an electric tricycle, which has a portable battery and is recharged overnight by plugging it into a normal power outlet.

The electric tricycle allows Sabino to use the city’s extensive network of bicycle lanes and access the pedestrianized streets of the historic center. The benefits for his business were immediate. It has improved order delivery times and reduced expenses, and he receives an increasing number of home delivery orders.

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