Got everything set for your road trip?

Bags packed, reservations made, a heat wave on the way, and we’re dying to get to our destination. Before hitting the road, don’t forget these tips to prepare for your drive.

1. Plan ahead. It seems obvious, but there’s nothing like planning all the details of your trip ahead of time. The most important thing is to give your vehicle a check-up, and for that we recommend visiting your trusty mechanic about two weeks before your trip to make sure you car’s in tip-top shape before you set out. A few days beforehand, plan your route, make sure your GPS is updated, and check the traffic a few hours before leaving to avoid the stretches where it’s backed up. Forewarned is forearmed!

2. If you’re traveling with kids… If you’re traveling with minors, remember that they should do so in travel seats that meet the proper standards for their height and weight. These trips can be a wonderful excuse for family bonding, but sometimes they can be a bit long for children. To keep them from getting bored and distracting the driver, make sure they’re constantly involved in the trip. Talk about the landscape or landmarks as you pass by them. It works!


3. Pets like safety, too. Animals deserve a place of their own in the car. They should never be loose in the car, as the slightest brusque movement could affect them. Always keep them in a pet carrier adapted to their size, which preferably fits on the floor. There are also approved carriers for big breeds. Bow-WOW!

4. Am I an efficient driver? This is a good question we should all ask ourselves when we’re behind the wheel. Remember that little things such as keeping the windows closed, driving in high gears, not overloading the luggage rack, and using the A/C moderately all help to optimize your fuel efficiency.

5. Rest stops. We know you’re eager to get there, but remember that your priority is to make sure you’re a well-rested driver. It’s recommendable to make a stop every two hours at a rest area. Getting out to stretch your legs or enjoying a soft drink are good ways to avoid getting tired.


Now that we’re just a few hours away from the great summer exodus, here’s one last recommendation to help you on your highway journey. If you’re one of those people who are always looking for savings and comfort, don’t miss Waylet, the new Repsol app that’s practical, useful, and very intuitive. You can use it to find the nearest service station, pay with your smartphone, and access promotions customized just for you.

You can also streamline your wallet, as it gives you a place to store your cards and receipts. And here’s the best thing: every time you use it, you get a discount of three cents per liter in the first six months of use.

Check out this video to find out about all its perks!

Now… have a great trip!

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