“The electric scooter is a way to arrive on time, everywhere”

Giulia Pelucchi is Italian, she is 24 years old and she lives and works in Madrid. She works in the world of communication and has to travel around the city all day, making long and short journeys. When she lived in Italy she drove her own scooterbut in the two years she has lived in Madrid, she has only traveled around on the back of an electric scooter.

After trying it, she believes it is a practical and mobile means of transport. “Especially for a lifestyle like mine that involves moving around a lot and having to go from one meeting to another. The bicycle is light and practical especially in a city like Madrid, where there are many traffic jams”, she says.

One of the most important advantages she highlights is that shared mobility means “you don’t’ worry about it, it’s not yours, you don’t have to pay for maintenance or insurance and you always have one near when you need it”.

The electric scooter alternative has grown a lot in recent months. One of the main ones is the Silenceelectric scooter, is used by public services (Postal Service, Mobility Services, etc),as much as individuals and companies. One of the latest to join has been Acciona Mobility which also allows users to use the vehicle outside the central hub of the city, championing mid-distance  motosharing. In particular, Giulia, values the time-money relationship of the electric scooter: “It’s an economical way to arrive on time, everywhere”.

From an environmental point of view, sharing energy is interesting for this young Italian: “Something I value about the electric scooter is that you contribute to making the city greener.” After trying it for the first time she believes that “it is a way that would help me move around daily, but also on the weekends, since it allows you to make progress and not waste time looking for a parking space when the city is congested.”

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