María Dolores Campillos: “We must recognize women for their true worth”

 Women with energy

María Dolores Campillos, Repsol Lubricants and Specialized Products Supply and Logistics Manager at the Industrial Complex in Puertollano.

Just a brief conversation with María Dolores Campillos is enough to see how passionate she is about her work. Tenacious and steadfast, this 38-year-old woman certainly knows how to make her dreams a reality. She tells us that at the tender age of six, she went with her dad, who worked as a delivery man, to take a package to Repsol’s plant in Puertollano. This visit made a real impression on her, that has lasted to this very day. “The sun was setting and you could see the whole industrial facility sparkling with lights. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I though it looked like New York,” she remembers with a touch of nostalgia and a pinch of humor.

On that very day, she realized her dream was to work in the Puertollano Industrial Facility, not far from her home town of Daimiel. Thirty years later and her dream has come true. Lola works as Repsol Lubricant and Specialized Products Supply and Logistics Manager alongside a team of seven people.

Her career at Repsol has been the result of her perseverance. She decided to study technical industrial engineering and specialize in plastics and petrochemicals, a degree where women were few and far between 20 years ago. Even her aunt told her to “do something more suited to a woman.” Despite her aunt’s reserves, Lola was 100% certain that this was what she wanted to do and decided to go for it.

In June of 2004, Lola’s dream started to become a reality when she passed the tests for an internship as a laboratory analyst in Repsol Chemicals. She reaped the rewards of her good work just three months later when the company offered her a position at Repsol Puertollano, a moment that Dolores remembers as “a high point” in her career. “People were happy with my work and they rewarded me for it” she says, remembering the moment with pride.

This marked the start of her professional growth and development within the company, which has led her to her current position as Supply and Logistics Manager. Today, Lola and her team organize the supply of all the materials necessary to ensure the factory works correctly, as well as logistics for bulk sales and tanker truck traffic for everything that is loaded and unloaded at the Puertollano Plant.

Looking back over her 13 years at Repsol, what most stands out for Lola are the professional challenges she has faced. She has always seen these as an “incentive,” helping her to constantly evolve.  This is why she thinks that “Repsol knows how to recognize people that want to succeed, improve, and constantly evolve, taking on new responsibilities.”

Repsol recognizes people that want to succeed, improve, and constantly evolve, taking on new responsibilities”.

An evolving society

Lola has personally borne witness to “the very interesting evolution” of women’s role in the professional world and society in general. “Thirteen years ago, men had a much larger presence, but it is true that things were starting to change and we were beginning to see more women. When I took up my position as laboratory analyst, I was the only woman on the shift and that attracted quite a bit of attention,” says Lola about the first stage of her career in the company. “Now 13 years later,” she continues, “there is a large number of successful women that hold important positions in all areas of the company.”

“Even though in Spain we still have a long way to go, we have already come a long way, and we have done this silently through hard work, perseverance, and tenacity.” In her opinion, the key is to “recognize women for their true worth and not just because there must be a certain number of women in the workplace or create statistics for society.” On this horizon, she also hopes that some day soon “an interview with a woman who holds an important position in a large company will not be a big deal. It will be seen as normal.”

There is a large number of successful women that hold important positions in all areas of the company”

A message for the younger generation

Lola, who is persistent and gives her all in everything she does, spares a thought for future generations that aspire to hold positions of responsibility in industrial companies, who may have lost hope in these years of crisis. She encourages them to “fight for their dreams, to make them a reality,” and to be “persistent, tenacious, and hardworking.” In the face of the exodus of young Spaniards who, in recent years, have crossed the borders in search of new job opportunities, Lola sends a positive message: “In Spain there is still hope and it really is possible to find work and reach high positions”.

I advise future generations to be persistent and tenacious to achieve their dreams”.

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