Electric mobility, powering small businesses

 Every day, thousands of people get in their cars and trucks to bring us all the basic products we use in our daily lives: food, drinks, clothes, and more. These vehicles spend hours upon hours on the road, which makes it crucial that we find alternatives to reduce emissions and improve air quality in our cities.

If we’re going to achieve a more sustainable mobility model, one of the possible solutions is to modernize the vehicles on our roads by phasing out older ones and replacing them with new, more efficient models with low emissions that meet the Euro 6 emissions standards.

Another option is to turn to new sources of energy such as AutoGas (natural gas for vehicles) or electricity. That’s what Iván and Patricia have done. They own a flower shop near Pontevedra and use an electric vehicle to make deliveries to their customers scattered across the surrounding countryside.

Theirs is an extended-range electric vehicle. It’s similar to a hybrid in that it burns fuel, but it runs on electricity most of the time. Its battery can be charged either at home or on the road. The ability to charge the battery while driving is what gives the vehicle its extended range, and is fundamental to running this small business.

In the video, Iván tells us what it’s like to use an electric car for work, but that’s not all: they’re also setting a fine example of how freelancers and small businesses are adopting new kinds of sustainable mobility and applying them to their work, making them more sustainable and efficient.



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