Isidre Esteve Foundation: a bridge towards normalization

Competition and getting back to normal are two goals that define Isidre Esteve. This Repsol Rally Team driver, who has finished at an outstanding 21 position in his 14th Dakar Rally, splits his daily work between his sports training and managing the foundation created in his name.

“There should be a place that acts as a bridge between rehabilitation and everyday life.” This realization came after Isidre suffered a spinal injury in 2007 and led to the birth of the foundation, whose main objective is to improve the quality of life of people with physical disabilities or reduced mobility, always maintaining a link with the world of sports.

The foundation serves as a reminder that people with disabilities need to take part in sporting activities just as much as anybody else, if not more. In the words of Lidia Guerrero, director of the foundation and Esteve’s physical therapist, “What we do here is show people that physical activity gives them a much easier way to get back to everyday life.”

Learn more about the work of the Isidre Esteve Foundation in the following video.

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