#IAlsoWorkOnChristmas: the magic of Christmas is also on the road

Excitement. Happiness. Hope. Christmastime has the magical power of bringing thousands upon thousands of families together, regardless of distance or time. Although not everyone is as lucky. Firefighters, doctors, carriers, police officers, waiting staff… Every year, many “sacrifice” their Christmas so that others can enjoy theirs.

Repsol is no exception. There are many in our company who are working throughout the holiday season to ensure we all have power. There is a story behind each of them. This Christmas we want to introduce you to some of them—and thereby pay them our personal tribute.


Carmen García Márquez. Service station attendant at Valdemingómez (Madrid).

With more than 15 years of experience at Repsol, Carmen is a family-oriented person: “It’s difficult to accept, but then you realize that someone has to do it.” This year, she has the New Year’s Eve shift and, as usual, she will arrive a little earlier so that her coworker can leave and be with his loved ones. Although she has worked during the holidays many times before, she will never forget the last New Year’s Eve. With 10 minutes left in the year, her entire family showed up at the service station and counted down to the twelve strokes of midnight on the phone. For Carmen, it was the best start of the year in her life.

“Last year, my entire family showed up 10 minutes before midnight to eat the New Year grapes with me. It was an unforgettable surprise.”

Emilio Serrano. Area manager for the control room of the hydrotreatment plant at the Puertollano refinery (Ciudad Real)

With 30 years of experience at Repsol, he’s one of the area managers at this refinery’s control room. Six teams work there 24 hour a day, 365 days a year. The goal: ensure the safety and correct operation of all plants. “I can’t even tell how many Christmases I’ve worked through; the people here end up becoming your family”. For Emilio, Christmas Eve is just another night, although there is holiday spirit in the air: “A nativity scene has been the center of the room since mid-December.” Plus, whether it’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve, the refinery employees receive a basket from management with a few special touches to wish them a Merry Christmas.

“The best present on days like this is to have a quiet shift, as uneventful as possible.”

Javier Blanco. Control room operator at the Casablanca Platform (Morocco).

Javier has been working in the company for five years and this is not his first holiday season at Casablanca. “We usually work 14-day shifts, but they’re cut in half for the holiday so that no one spends the entire season away from the family.” Being together 24 hours a day for two weeks turns coworkers into a second family.  For Javier, these days are special: “We change mealtimes a bit so that they coincide and decorate the rooms. The cooks and especially the baker of the facility really go the extra mile at this time to make sure the food is better than usual and give us a king cake.

“This year, I’m eating the king cake at the platform. I hope I don’t get the fava bean!”

Do you want to know more stories? Visit our holiday campaign and tell us yours, using the hashtag #IAlsoWorkOnChristmas!

Merry Christmas and thank you to all who sacrifice theirs so that we can enjoy ours!

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