Haytam’s dreams come true thanks to the “Young People with a Future program”

Thirty young adults have already reaped the benefits of Fundación Repsol and Fundación Iter’s “Young People with a Future project”, which provides young people with the training they need to work in service stations. Haytam is one of these individuals and, now, he has resumed his studies and found a job thanks to this initiative.

He dreamed of finishing his degree in fine arts, which he had to set aside when family and money problems got in the way. Now, he’s on track to making this dream a reality. Thanks to the project Young People with a Future, led by Fundación Repsol and Fundación Íter, Haytam El Karkri, a 22-year-old Moroccan, can now balance his studies with work in a service station in Parla, Madrid.

“I was really lost and didn’t know what to do,” Haytam tells us. Through some friends, he heard about Fundación Iter, where he found out about this initiative and didn’t waste a second in signing up. “I think it’s great that large companies like Repsol support this type of program that gives opportunities to and open doors for young people like me, who have a more difficult time entering the job market,” he says. After taking part in the first edition of the project in 2016, Haytam now has a weekend contract which also allows him to continue his studies.

Who is the program aimed at?

This year has marked the second edition of the project. Just like in 2016, it’s helped 15 young people between 18 and 23 years of age. “The idea is to train young people and prepare them to work as service station attendants through a state-regulated internship program,” explains Lourdes Beltrán, coordinator of the project for Fundación Iter. This institution selects the beneficiaries of the project according to a set of criteria agreed on withRepsol: “young people 18 years of age and over, who are at risk of marginalization, who’ve finished compulsory secondary education (ESO), need to find work, and are eager to learn,” said Beltrán, who told us that “many young people come to Iter and straight away ask about the Repsol program.”

About the project

It lasts for around a year and includes 300 hours of theoretical-practical training, along with 150 hours working in a service station as part of a state-regulated internship program. Fundación Iter gives the first block of the course on social skills and personal, social, and work motivation. Repsol is in charge of the second section — a theoretical service station attendant training course. During this part of the training, participants work on different customer service modules in the classroom for a period of almost three weeks. Once they have completed the theory section of the program, students complete an internship in Repsol’s service station network, where they are helped by the company employees that work there.

Being part of the Repsol family

At the end of the internship, the young people have the possibility of being hired. “Of the 30 young people who have taken part in the program, 19 have been hired to work on weekends, during holidays, or on night shifts,” points out one of the program leaders. One of them is Haytam, who told us that what he likes most about his work is the “relationship with work colleagues and the feeling of belonging to a little family.”

A real opportunity

“The young people involved in the project throw themselves into work because they consider it a great opportunity,” believes José Ramón del Valle, head of service stations for the south of Madrid, who has over 19 years of experience. He ensures that project participants are the perfect solution to cover employees on temporary leave “since, thanks to the internship they complete as part of the project, they know how the service station works and we don’t have to teach them everything from zero.”

José Ramón was Haytam’s tutor, and he has a lot to say about him. “Haytam did really well on the course because he works hard and is a positive, smiley, and pleasant person, important characteristics for someone who works in customer service. That’s why we called him when an opportunity came up.” As his tutor, José Ramón showed him how theservice station works and the safety measures in place, and also helped him with all other aspects he thought he could improve. “During the internship they see how the pumps work, the safety measures in place, and the types of products on offer,” he added.

The Young People with a Future project is just one of Fundación Repsol’s various commitments to help vulnerable groups such as young people improve their employability through training.

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