Fryda: bringing up a mould breaker guide

Fryda has turned life at the Fundación Repsol offices upside down

This year has been a bit different at the Fundación Repsol offices. This isn’t down to the projects we’ve carried out, but thanks to the presence of an extra special co-worker — her name is s Fryda, and she’s been a breath of fresh air for the team.

When Fryda gets to the office in the morning, she goes round the office greet everyone. “She really brightens up our day,” say her colleagues. She plays with them, makes sure everyone’s okay, and then goes to her “spot,” which is opposite the door, just next to Raquel — the reason that Fryda is at Fundación Repsol today. “Being able to bring Fryda into the office was a long process. First of all, we had to discuss it with everyone, so they were all really excited when she finally arrived,” explains Raquel.

At lunch time, Fryda likes to go for a walk in the nearby Tierno Galván Park. There, she enjoys being out in the open air with Raquel. She normally meets up with one of her friends or makes some new ones because she’s so sociable, and she’s young, so loves all things new.

Rachel tells us that she is “really grateful to have her by (her) side,” and anticipates the day that they will be separated after one year together with a mix of resignation and happiness. “I’m really going to miss her, but I know that she will go on to help others, and that her life is going to be meaningful,” she says.

A positive influence

There’s no doubt that Fryda has had a very positive influence on everyone around her. Raquel says that she had made her more patient and calmer, but that, most importantly, she has brought her “lots of happiness.”

It’s not only Raquel that has reaped the rewards: “At Fundación Repsol, she’s broken down barriers and got everyone talking to one other. Everyone’s got something to say about or to Fryda.” Her presence has also been really important at difficult times: “She’s really good at defusing tense situations. It’s funny to see how she acts in meetings. You can’t be serious when she’s around.”

However, there are many more dogs like Fryda. She has followed in the paw-steps of 2,700 others like her, whose work and positive impact on the lives of those they help is priceless. Fryda is a future Fundación ONCE guide dog, and Raquel is her instructor. Thanks to her and four thousand others that have provided a home for a guide dog in training, the daily lives of almost 1,800 people are easier. Without the families who take in pups, and those that look after the breeding stock, Fundación ONCE would not be able to carry out is work with guide dogs. “Without their selfless help and the time and effort they dedicate to our dogs, none of our achievements would have been possible,” according to representatives of Fundación ONCE. The task is actually quite simple, as Raquel ensures: “We don’t train them. All we have to so is teach them the basics and do 15 minutes of simple exercises every day.”

The experience has been so positive for all those involved that Raquel would recommend anyone to take in a guide dog. She realizes that it will be hard to let Fryda go after a year, but says that it will also make her happy: “It’s why we’ve spent months working with her. It would be sadder if it weren’t for such a good reason.” She thinks that Fryda “has a purpose in life. Knowing that they are going to help someone makes these dogs happier,” she assures us.

Fryda has changed the lives of all those around her: Raquel, her co-workers at Fundación Repsol, and every passersby whose day she has brightened up. Now, she will take on an even more important task. One thing is for sure; Raquel and all those that worked with Fryda in the Fundación Repsol offices will always remember this very special co-worker.

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