Entrepreneurs Fund: sharing for innovation

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”. These words, spoken by Nelson Mandela, have become the slogan of Venezuela-born Juan Miguel Pérez, CEO of FinBoot and one of the entrepreneurs supported by Fundación Repsol’s Entrepreneurs Fund. With the shared challenge of taking their ideas forward, the entrepreneurs who take part in this initiative receive technical assistance and guidance from mentors, in addition to significant funding.

In December of last year, all of them had the opportunity of working together in Madrid. A chance to learn and exchange experiences with others, the gathering proved useful to those who set out to overcome uncertainty in a field as intangible as innovation. As the Scottish-born developer of CE-BOND Grant Knight affirms, “Through the sharing of ideas and problems, one learns to be as flexible as this adventure demands.” Or, as cofounder of C2C André Mao de Ferro pointed out, “There are no easy answers when you’re standing alone before your investors.” Find out what these three entrepreneurs have to say in this video.

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