#SharedEnergy: Four Stories about sustainable mobility

Joel, YolandaMarco and Giulia have different ways of life and needs in their day to day lives. But they do have something in common: they have been encouraged to try for the first time a means of shared mobility to get around town.

Yolanda Fornies still doesn’t dare to try shared mobility. “It seemed a little unsafe, I had doubts and I was not very convinced.” However, this 55-year-old businesswoman decided to travel for the first time on an electric bicycle. “I like the idea of trying an electric bicycle in the city, since mine is too heavy to carry around in an urban area.” I have been going mountain biking since I was little, so it’s the means of transport that I feel most comfortable with”.

Mobility adapted to every way of life

Although she had already traveled on the back of an electric scooter, Giulia Pelucchi, has always wanted to have the experience of riding one herself. After her first trip, she says, “It is a practical and super agile means of transport, especially for a lifestyle like mine, which involves moving around a lot and going from one meeting to another. The scooter was very light and manageable, especially in a city where there are so many traffic jams”. Giulia is Italian, she is 24 years old and she has been living and working in the center of Madrid, for two years. The shared electric scooter has one more advantage for her: “It allows forget about the means of transport, you do not have to buy it, nor pay the insurance. In addition, you always have a scooter within reach, when you need it.”

The same happened to Marco del Valle, who arrived a year ago from Mexico. When living outside of your city, you are always looking for a quick and economical way to get around. He had his first experience with Wible, the hybrid plug-in car that can be accessed via an app. “In my case, it’s perfect, because when you arrive in a different city, like me, I’ve come to study a master’s degree in Madrid, it’s difficult to get your own car. With Wible, I have the possibility of using a vehicle, without having to buy one.  The good thing is that I can rent it just for the time I need it”

Unlike Giulia, who prioritizes the mobility that allows the bicycle provides, Marco prefers the car because “I can take my belongings and bigger things anywhere like my backpack or gym bag, for example. And, also, travel longer distances”.

A solution to parking

Parking is one of the things that everyone agrees is a problem in urban areas. They are also all in agreement that shared mobility is a good solution to this problem. Giulia likes to be able to leave the electric bicycle without having to look for a special station. “When I arrive at my destination, I leave it in a designated place and that’s it.” For Yolanda, who lives in the suburbs, parking affects her decision to travel into the city. “When I go to Madrid to see my father and the rest of the family, I always have the doubt about where I am going to park. Having this option, I do not rule out going into the center more often”.

Wible has also offered Marco advantages in this regard, since it is possible to park for free in the green and blue areas, and it also has parking spaces in underground parking lots in the city. “But, in addition, if you can’t find a parking space on the street, there are some Repsol service stations that have spaces for this type of vehicle”, he explains.

At a good price

We all look to travel in the most economical way. And in order to save a little more, you can also share the trip in a private car with other occupants, something known as carpoolingJoel Salvador, 30 years old, is thinking of moving to a car powered by  AutoGas and now shares his journey with other occupants to share expenses, which Marco also plans to do when using Wible. “One of the reasons I switched to AutoGas was that, because I’m self-employed, and I need to use the car all the time. AutoGas is quite economical, but I have also decided to start sharing the car with other people who go on the same daily trips as me. That’s how I share the expenses and it turns out cheaper”.

Respect for the environment

But, Joel also emphasizes that vehicle sharing takes care of the environment, an issue that everyone agrees on. “Sharing a car that uses AutoGas, means there is less traffic in the city. For every person I take, there is one less car on the streets, which means cleaner air”. Giulia highlights the same, and says, “With the electric scooter I help the city to be greener.” Yolanda adds that “in the case of the electric bicycle, in addition to being ecological, it also makes you exercise by pedaling”. And he concludes, alluding to his wishes for the future: “I hope we use this type of transport more and more, respecting the environment.”

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