Respect on the road is everyone’s business

The number of accidents involving cyclists has been on the rise over the past few years. Preventing accidents with cyclists is the aim of the campaign jointly lead by the Spanish Directorate General for Traffic (DGT) and Repsol. Both organizations are working on encouraging mutual respect and understanding on the road. The campaign’s hallmark are the reflective bands that will be given out in100 service stations until August 6th, under this message: “If you’re a cyclist, make yourself seen.” We are paying a visit to one of our stations to find out how customers and cyclists have reacted to this campaign.

Javier García, manager of one of Repsol’s service stations, tells us that he only has a “handful” of reflective bands left. “People came to the station to ask about the reflective bands before they’d even been delivered.” He added that many users didn’t know about the campaign, but that “once we explained it to them they thought it was a great idea and asked for bands for their family and friends.”

Members of the Alcobendas Cycling Club and the Flandes Cycling Club agree that one of the main problems is that drivers are not aware of the danger to cyclists. Alfonso Menéndez González and his son, Alfonso Menéndez Cruz, explained that when drivers are behind the wheel, they must imagine that “the person riding the bike in front of them is their child or grandchild” and act accordingly.

Father and son putting on their reflective bands to make themselves seen on the road.

Drivers don’t know how to react to cyclists on the road”.

Jesús Antonio, a member of Alcobendas Cycling Club.

Jesús Antonio, another member of the Club, said that oftentimes drivers don’t know how to react to cyclists on the road. “Campaigns like this one help people to understand that an unbroken line means the same whether there is truck or a bicycle on the road in front of you,” he said.

José Salinero, a member of Flandes Cycling Club.


José Salinero understands that drivers aren’t the only ones that have to make an effort to prevent accidents. Cyclists must also share this responsibility.  An idea that is shared by some of our customers like Silvia, who explained: “I always slow down when there is a cyclist on the road and I only overtake when I have good visibility.” Raúl Engo, a service station customer who has been a member of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) for many years, thinks it’s great that “a company like Repsol that is strongly linked to the roads” is involved in an awareness-raising campaign like this one.

It’s great that a company that is strongly linked to the roads is getting involved in campaigns to raise awareness such as this one”.

Raúl Engo, customer.

All of them thought that the participation of professionals such as Dani Pedrosa, Marc Márquez, and Toni Bou in the project was positive. Alfonso Menéndez Cruz pointed out that the image and influence of professional athletes that cycle regularly as part of their training “makes the message reach a larger number of people.”

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