Did you know that the Repsol Campus covers an area the size of the El Escorial Monastery?

In celebration of the 14th Madrid Architecture Week and to pay homage in our own special way to the Repsol Campus, we’re reviving a quote from Rafael de la Hoz, “The company’s personality was fundamental in the design of its headquarters”. This is an open space created in line with a groundbreaking concept: to create a corporate campus aimed at facilitating the flow of knowledge between the more than 4,000 professionals working at this headquarters located in the heart of Madrid.

The Repsol Campus covers a surface area the size of the El Escorial Monastery. It was built with 1.5 times as much structural steel as the Eiffel Tower, and you could even park two Boeing 747s in the courtyard, as it’s the size of one and a half soccer fields. Watch this video to find out more interesting facts about the magnitude of this project and the company’s ongoing evolution.

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