When your work is your passion

“Ever since I was in high school, I always knew I wanted to be a chemist.” Marta Álvarez is one of those people who found her calling early in life.  “I was always drawn to laboratories and industry, to manufacturing products that you can then transform and see how they are put to use in daily life.” Marta is a great example for anyone looking for a future in STEM professions.

This passion is what motivated Marta to study Chemistry at the University of Oveido. She was then selected to complete her Masters internship at Repsol. Shortly after, a life-changing professional opportunity presented itself: a position at the Tarragona chemical plant, where she has now been working for over 16 years. “When I was offered the opportunity to go to Tarragona, I was working in Madrid, and my family was living in Asturias. When I told my mum that I had the opportunity to go to Tarragona, she said “You’ve turned it down, haven’t you?”

This passion and her work ethic have lead her to be the plant manager in Tarragona. She combines the supervision of technical aspects at the plant with the coordination of the human team, which is what she likes best about her day-to-day work. From the beginning and throughout her professional career, the passion for her calling has lead her to work in one of the most modern plants in Europe.

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