“I can easily park when I come to see my family, and I also get to exercise”

She knew about the concept of shared mobility in the city because her children “use it a lot in Madrid”, but Yolanda Fornies still doesn’t dare to get involved. “It seemed a little unsafe, I had doubts and I was not very convinced it was going to work”. But, after trying an electric bicycle in the center of the capital this 55-year-old businesswoman has changed her mind: “I’ve been going mountain biking since I was little, so it’s the means of transport that I feel most comfortable with. But these types of bicycles are very heavy for urban areas and I liked the experience of trying an electric bike in the city”.


Yolanda travels little to the center of Madrid, she does it mostly to visit her father and the rest of her family. However, the experience has convinced her and she sees that a common has been problem solved, parking: “the doubt I have when I go to see my father is where I am going to park. Now I know I have this option I wouldn’t rule out coming into the center by bicycle more often”. Another advantage that Yolanda highlights is the health benefit. “Although the electric bicycle does the heavy work on the slopes, it makes you exercise by pedaling. In fact, with today’s trip I have saved on an afternoon spin class.


The bicycle’s reservation time has not yet ended and Yolanda wants get as much from it as possible: “I will continue to use it for a while and take the opportunity to shop for a few things that I need,” she explains when saying goodbye.

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