“I’m self-employed, AutoGas is quite economical and fits my needs”

Saving is not just putting aside, it’s knowing how to spend. And this is all too familiar for Joel Salvador, who is self-employed living in Madrid. The young 33-year-old Peruvian looks for efficiency and, if possible, maximum savings. And his first experience with a car powered by AutoGas has left him with a good feeling.


For his lifestyle, he needs a car available to him at all times, and he chooses an Autogas one because he thinks it’s the cheapest option and the most environmentally friendly. “I’m self-employed, and I need to use the car all the time. I spoke with the dealership and, from the beginning, it seemed that the AutoGas was quite economical, and adjusted to my needs”.


While looking to see if there is any difference between between traditional vehicles, Joel is already thinking about how to get the most out of the vehicle and is considering the possibility of car pooling with some friends and acquaintances who make some of the same daily trips in the city. “I have mentioned it to one of my friends. AutoGas is cheap, but even so, if I share the expenses, it’s even cheaper. In addition, it means there is less traffic in the city. For every person I take, there is one less car on the streets, which means cleaner air”.


As he leaves the car, Joel seems satisfied: “I like it because it’s an eco-friendly car, fast, very easy to drive, and it does not lose any power or acceleration. Driving it seems like driving any other car”. Another positive aspect that Joel highlights is that “now the car bears the ECO label, which also guarantees that environmentally friendly and does not limit me to any type of circulation restriction”.  Lastly, he considers that everything is easy with the Autogas car because, “I can refuel at various points, so I can move around freely!”.

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