On a hybrid bus in Vitoria

We all have a friend who loves old cars, motorcycles, or mountain bikes. But it’s surely not so common to find someone who has a real passion for urban buses. Well that is the case for Mikel, a Tuvisa driver, Vitoria’s municipal transport company, who has been in the profession for 20 years, and the last few years behind the wheel of one of the hybrid buses that circulate the streets of the Basque capital, one of the most sustainable in Europe from a mobility point of view.

Mikel confesses he’s “a fan” of buses. He enjoys taking people from one place to another and interacting with different people every day, but above all the technological evolution of these vehicles, which has given him the opportunity to drive a hybrid model so silent that, sometimes, some passengers think the engine has stalled.

And his interest doesn’t end there. He even has a blog about the history of urban buses in Vitoria, whose origins date back to the twenties of the last century. He has a love for buses and couldn’t conceive a life without them or without driving. “It’s a passion of mine.”

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