Did you know a car can be turned into an office chair?

Collaborative consumption, lengthening the life of products, or building homes using recycled materials are some examples of the circular economy in action. This term refers to the promotion of a model for the sustainable production and consumption of products, services, waste, materials, water, and energy. Ultimately, it attempts to “close the life cycle” of products that are no longer being used, to encourage a change towards a more efficient economy.

We want to share with you different examples of the circular economy in action, which demonstrate that each and every product can be useful after the end of its first use or lifespan.

Can you imagine turning a car into a chair?

It’s hard to imagine that a vehicle could be transformed into an office chair but, today, some models use recycled bumpers and recovered plastic containers as raw materials in the manufacturing process.

Outdoor furniture can be more than just decorative.

Sustainable decoration has reached our homes, as evidenced by the garden furniture manufactured using recycled used polypropylene products. In addition to being more environmentally-friendly, these pieces have a finish similar to that of wood.

Did you know flip flops can be made out of tires?

Recycled fashion has become a trend. A textile company is manufacturing accessories and clothing made of plastic and string. This way, you can find anything from bags made out of recycled fishing nets to flip flops manufactured from used tires.

Sustainable urban furniture has reached our cities.

Today, bicycles have become the perfect alternative to avoid traffic jams in the city, and they are the most environmentally-friendly means of transportation available. Cities like Barcelona, Bilbao, and Gijón have taken the next step and equipped their streets with efficient cycle lane separators made out of cable insulation.

What if recycling containers themselves were made out of recycled materials?

This is the case of trash cans manufactured out of 100% recycled plastic and designed for different uses: collecting containers, paper, cardboard, and other waste materials.

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