“I rent a Wible just for the time I need it”

Marco, a 30-year-old Mexican, came to Madrid a year ago to study a master’s degree. For some time now he has been looking for a means of transport that suits his new situation, in a new city. But he also had a special interest in it being an ecological and sustainable way of moving around the urban and interurban area. “The Wible hybrid car was one of the options and, after testing it, I see that it is comfortable and adapts to what I need,” he explains sitting in the driver’s seat.


The first experience with carsharing has been intuitive. I didn’t have to learn anything special or different from any other car I’ve driven. You unlock it with your mobile and you just have to worry about driving. What caught my attention is that it is very smooth when starting up. At first, it seemed so quiet, I was not sure if I had even switched it on. And this reminded me that it is also environmentally friendly, which is something that today, should worry us all.


Marco needs to travel daily from the outskirts of the city and Wible allows him to make medium and long distance trips without having to think about parking. “I didn’t know, but if you can’t find a parking space on the street, there are reserved spaces at some Repsol service stations. This is appreciated when you have to do several kilometers a day.” he says.


Like many other users, Marco also thinks about his wallet when choosing this option. He only rents the car for the time he needs it. “In my case it’s perfect,” he says, “because coming to a city different from your own, like me, to study, makes it less feasible to buy a car of your own. The carsharing option allows me to use a vehicle, at a good price, without needing to buy one. In addition, I don’t have to pay extra bills. I mean, if I need a car, I rent a Wible, and I avoid all the complications”.


He is convinced that carsharing is the solution that best suits his daily needs and points out that “unlike other means of shared eco transport , Wible allows me to make longer distances, take my belongings and larger items with me like my backpack or gym bag and I can take more people with me. This with the bicycle or scooter, for example, is impossible.”


Before leaving Marco leaves his bags on the back seat and looks at his mobile. He is meeting a friend who he’ll be giving a lift home, he laughs, and says: “I think I’m going to love this”.

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